One of the treats of being a new author is that I get to view the world through the eyes of my readers. While I had a diverse group of people read and comment on my manuscript—friends, colleagues, and clients from different walks of life, stages in their careers, and cultural backgrounds—ultimately, I had no way of telling how the finished product, the book called Self-Promotion for Introverts®, would affect a much broader universe of readers.

I only hoped that once I navigated the labyrinth of a writing process (interspersed with regular rides on the Cyclone!), my book would make self-promotion a lot more accessible to a lot more people, and particularly introverts. Now that the book is in print, it’s a privilege to hear from readers. One such reader, Laura Salas, shared this on her guest post on the Shrinking Violet Promotions blog.

“I’m not gonna lie,” said Salas. “There’s no magic phrase that will suddenly make promotion easy and painless for you. I knew that going in (though don’t we always secretly wish for it anyway?). And Nancy doesn’t pretend there is.” How true.

Salas continues, “But what she does believe is that there are ways we can learn to promote ourselves that aren’t as excruciating as we initially believe them to be. And throughout the book, she offers choices and suggestions. And she challenges us to take action, even if it’s itty bitty action, to start being seen and heard.”

Yes, itty bitty action is a great place to start. It certainly beats no action at all. Your definition of itty bitty might be writing an e-mail to a colleague to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn. Or chairing a meeting. Or spending half an hour at an event where you can meet clients. Or maybe just getting business cards printed. One person’s itty bitty is another’s gigunda. Start from wherever you are—without judgment.

Salas’s blog post includes our introvert-to-introvert interview (happily conducted by e-mail!). Salas has written more than 70(!) kids’ books, including Stampede! Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School. So maybe she sees the world through the eyes of kids who think Cyclones and labyrinths are a giddy adventure?!?

As a bonus, don’t miss the end of this first part of Salas’s two-part post on this delightful blog, which is brought to us by authors Mary Hershey and R.L LaFevers. I’m raffling off a copy of my book and a free 45-minute coaching session by phone.

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