One of my favorite aspects of having written a book is connecting with bloggers and other journalists from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. Each time they interview me—often by phone or e-mail—it’s as if I’m taking a field trip into their world by learning about their readers, getting to know their writing style, and making their publications the center of my world, even if just for a day. 

Today I had the pleasure of that journey with uber blogger Geetesh Bajaj, whom Microsoft awarded its Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for being among the best and brightest from technology communities around the world.

Bajaj runs Indezine, a Web site that attracts 171,000 subscribers worldwide and that serves as a repository of thousands of free PowerPoint templates, free excerpts of PowerPoint books, tutorials, product reviews, and free sample presentations—not to mention Bajaj’s interviews with some fascinating folks in connection with all of the above.

As a frequent presenter who uses PowerPoint some of the time, in preparing for my interview with Bajaj I was drawn into the world of Indezine to learn more. Sure, PowerPoint has its detractors—and I’ve certainly sat through enough mind-numbing slide shows during my corporate days. I’ve also helped many of my continuing education students and coaching clients develop PowerPoints that enhanced rather than detracted from their presentations. Why do they choose PowerPoint? Often because it has become the required tool for delivering your message in many organizational cultures.

In fact, you may have read the recent article in the New York Times, “We Have Met the Enemy and He is PowerPoint,” Elisabeth Bumiller’s insightful take on the use of PowerPoint in the US military. The dizzying PowerPoint visual (above) that charts the American strategy in Afghanistan is both colorful and memorable. Bajaj wrote a riff in Indezine titled “PowerPoint Insecurities” that I suspect was in response to that article. The moral of his story: “Use the right tool for the job.”

Indezine opened my mind to some of the more creative applications of PowerPoint. For example, see Bajaj’s interview with Simon Newlyn, a PowerPoint artisan (seriously!), for some visual treats. As to my own interview with Bajaj, I answer his questions about why I wrote my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®, the advantages and challenges that introverts face in promoting themselves, and, of course, how introverts can excel at giving presentations.

We don’t focus on PowerPoint. After all, what’s the point of PowerPoint or any other presentation tool? Isn’t it to help you communicate with your audience? To give your visual thinkers some visuals (without burying them with bullets!)? Indezine already has that covered. So instead Bajaj and I dive into the ins and outs of how introverts can excel as presenters—whatever tools and approaches they use. CLICK HERE for the story.

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