2 thoughts on “"Success Isn’t Only for the Extroverts"”

  1. Nancy,

    I loved this article and came across it via The Introvert Entrepreneur’s facebook page. I feel we are kindred spirits! Your experience on Wall Street mirrors mine working for Big 4 Accounting firms. My transformation came about when I noticed the cover of Psychology Today titled “Revenge of the Introverts” by Laurie Helgoe, PhD. in 2010.

    I had known since graduate school that I was an INFJ but did not understand that significance until I read that article. Like you, I once I understood my strengths better, I began speaking up with a newfound confidence in meetings and my leaders noticed.

    I really love your website and the work that you are doing. I recently launched my own practice, The Introvert Ideal: Executive Coaching for Introverts- helping them build success their way. It’s so important for me to educate others as I have been. I would love introversion to be seen as the new “ideal”.

    All my best to you,


  2. Christian,

    Thank you for all those kind words. Nice to know that you’re also a fan of The Introvert Entrepreneur as well as Laurie Helgoe’s cover story in Psychology Today. It’s great to learn of your experiences emerging from the corporate world too. All the best with your coaching business. Sounds like you have a lot to offer.


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