What is the hidden job market and how can you tap into it? Are you sending out a hundred résumés a week and rarely even getting an acknowledgment from an employer—let alone an invitation for an interview? In a recent panel discussion I moderated at New York University we tackled these questions.

First, Brian Tietje, a strategic account executive at Linkedin®, shared the ins and outs of building your professional brand on social media in his opening remarks. He distinguished LinkedIn from the other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter: “If you’ve got a business problem, you want to build your professional brand, you want to find information about a business, that’s why you come to LinkedIn.” He continued, “So it’s come in, spend 15 minutes, get out and go back to your day.” He also shared that you have five seconds to get someone’s attention on the web.

The panel included Pamela Skillings, a certified career coach and author of Escape from Corporate America; Rose Scalia, vice president and director of human resources at the Corcoran Group; Shawn Slevin, the principal of P3 HR Consulting and founder of Swim Strong Foundation; Missa Goehring, manager of audience development at Vault.com as well as Tietje. In my remarks, I mentioned a book that I learned about on LinkedIn: Unlock the Hidden Job Market, by Duncan Mathison and Martha I. Finney, which is rich with stories, tips, encouragement, and even sample dialogs for job seekers.

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