Can you succeed in sales if your style is collaborative, you have deep knowledge about what you’re selling, and you’re an introvert? Much is abuzz around the recent “The Salesperson of the Future: A Profile” article by Geoffrey James on BNET. James asked some big guns in the sales world to identify the ingredients for sales success in the future.

James found that “the stereotype of the fast-taking ‘sales guy’ is woefully obsolete.” He quoted sales guru Tom Hopkins as saying, “traditionally, most of the people drawn to a sales career have been of the ‘interesting extrovert’ variety but, today, the ‘interested introverts’ often do better because they tend to be curious about the customer and more willing to let the customer dominate the conversation, as opposed to the extrovert who is constantly trying to prove how interesting he or she is.”

See the rest of James’s predictions about the salesperson of the future. In case you missed this, also take a look at my story, “Can an Introvert Sell Well? Real-Life Stories.”

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