I’ve been yakking up a storm on the radio lately, answering questions like: How can an introvert promote herself without bragging? If working a room isn’t your forte, is there something wrong with you? How did you get to speak with Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett and what advice did they give for introverts?

What’s a radio interview like for an introvert? Fun and terrifying—not necessarily in that order! But, oh, so rewarding. As with any public speaking situation, radio is efficient because it enables us to reach many more people than we could by speaking with them one at a time. So it’s an effective way to spread our message. After all that verbal output, we can plan to catch our breath and take a snooze between gigs! And with a little preparation and practice, it can be much less scary than spiders, snakes, heights, riding the Cyclone, or entering a noisy cocktail party with nothing to say.

What’s an introvert to do in any interview situation when we need to think about an interviewer’s question? Take a breath. Paraphrase the question to buy some time. Say that we need a moment to think about it. And do our best.

Here are a couple of my latest radio interviews:

Host: Pat Williams, senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic
Radio station: WDBO AM 580 radio in Orlando, Florida
Part 1
Part 2

Host: Steve Pomeranz, CFP
Show: On the Money
Radio station: WXEL-FM, an NPR affiliate in Florida

Inward, onward, and over and out for now!

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