How can you advance in your career using your quiet strengths as an introvert? Tune in to my radio interview on Work Matters with Nan Russell for free tips on:

  • Promoting yourself effectively without bragging
  • Excelling with your quiet strengths in a competitive work environment
  • How to use social media to your advantage as an introvert
  • How introverts can work well with extroverts (and vice versa!)
  • The efficiency of public speaking for introverts
  • Navigating negative self-talk as an introvert

Nan Russell and I met recently when we were each giving a talk at a leadership symposium for the US Navy in Southern California. When we discovered that we are both introverts with backgrounds as corporate vice presidents, authors of books on career advancement, and frequent public speakers who are passionate about offering practical advice you can put to use right away, we had to continue the conversation.

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