Gaining expertise – and letting people know about it – is one of the ways we can really distinguish ourselves as introverts. I’ve heard so many introverts say, “I’m no expert.” We tend to downplay our accomplishments. However, what good does that do us or the people whom we’d like to benefit from our contributions?

See “10 Ways to Become Indispensable at Work” on the blog of networking expert and bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi. “Starting today,” he says, “you’ve got to figure out what exceptional expertise you’re going to master that will provide real value to your network and your company.” I’m partial to Ferrazzi’s tip #9: “Develop a niche.”

As an introvert you may enjoy deeply exploring topics that interest you. My advice: take one step toward building your expertise and another one toward spreading the word about it. Write about it. Speak about it. Fuel it with your passion and intelligence. Today. Everyone will benefit.

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