What personal information do you disclose about yourself on social networking sites like Facebook? A survey on internet privacy found three-quarters of respondents said they wouldn’t share their mother’s maiden name, 40 percent wouldn’t share their street address, 24 percent wouldn’t share their political views, and four percent wouldn’t share their gender with anyone, according to a recent article in Bostonia, the alumni magazine of Boston University.

“All this tweeting, friending, posting, and messaging carries privacy risks, ranging from fleeting embarrassment to all-out identity theft,” according to Rich Barlow, who wrote the article. He interviewed Evimaria Terzi, an assistant professor of computer science at Boston University, who said, “Information that most people consider perfectly safe for sharing can, in mathematically skilled hands, be puzzled together to reveal things that few people want others to know.” Terzi also shares a surprising observation about introverts and their online personalities.

Check out the article, titled “Learning Not to Share” which includes a free video about how to customize your which includes a free video about how to customize your Facebook privacy settings.

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