“It’s not about you—it’s about your audience,” says Nancy Darling, Ph.D., a professor at Oberlin College, in a Psychology Today blog post. “Keep that in mind, and you will be less nervous and your audience will be much happier,” she adds. Darling blogged in response to my prior blog post, “Presentation Skills for Introverts: Tiger and the Full Tilt Boogie.”

“Your job as presenter is to facilitate the experience of everyone else,” says Darling, a psychology professor at Oberlin College. She adds, “Focus on communicating your ideas and bringing everyone into the room together for a common purpose. If you focus on making them feel comfortable, you’ll worry less about yourself.” If you’re an introvert, you’ll be most grounded if you rest up (because you recharge during your quiet time) as well as prepare and practice (because you do better thinking before you speak).

Click here to read what else Darling says about reducing your nervousness and increasing your impact as a speaker.

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