Would you like to give presentations with the ease of chatting with friends in your living room? If so, check out “Presentation Tips for Introverts,” a story I just wrote for business technology author Patrice-Ann Rutledge‘s blog. You’ll find answers to these questions:

  1. What’s the best way to manage your fear of public speaking?
  2. How can introverts learn to command a room and project a confident image while presenting, even if they don’t feel so confident inside?
  3. Do introverts share certain characteristics that actually make them good presenters?

If you use PowerPoint and want to learn to use it better, don’t miss Rutledge’s new book, Using Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2010, which is positioned as “more than just a book.” Rutledge (an introvert!) offers a wealth of online resources including video tutorials and podcasts to help reinforce the learning. You’ll find more about improving your presentation skills in my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®. With these resources, you’ll become a more confident and technically proficient presenter—and in a relatively short time!

2 thoughts on “Fearless Presenting for Introverts”

  1. Shocking as it might be to some, myself as an introvert loves to give presentations and speeches. I believe that a lot of the best speakers are introverts.

  2. Yes, Nick. Many introverts enjoy and excel at giving presentations and speeches. After all, these activities are an efficient use of our energy. We get up there once and reach many more people than we normally would in a day. There's also the joy of sharing information and insights with our stakeholders.

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