Learning to speak publicly with confidence can have a huge impact on your career. It is a valuable investment that can pay dividends at your business meetings, job interviews, and speeches.

Learn to command a room with your presence, hold your audience's interest with powerful content, and deliver your message crisply and concisely. Get to the point with intelligence and passion, and inspire your audience to take desired actions. And then there's the part about what to do with your hands.

Before you even open your mouth, your audience notices so much about you. From your posture to your eye contact to your hand gestures, your body language forms a large part of your presentation's impact. And the way your words are spoken can be as important as the words themselves.

Afraid of getting up in front of a room? The good news is that managing your jitters is completely doable. Through gentle guidance, practice, and just-in-time techniques to help keep you grounded, you can actually enjoy giving presentations. You'll focus on how you can help the individuals in your audiences by sharing your ideas and information – rather than worrying about how they're critiquing you. Many of the best speakers prepare relentlessly behind the scenes, only to appear completely natural at the mike. Preparation and rehearsal are often central to arriving at your presentation or speech grounded – with your jitters in check.

Nancy Ancowitz works with her clients to help them bring out their personality and strengths as presenters. The process is actually fun and it can be incredibly rewarding to learn this important skill. Learn to: