McGraw-Hill is reprinting Self-Promotion for Introverts®. A word of gratitude. This wouldn’t have happened without you. Big thanks to friends and fans from around the world for buying the book and spreading the message about how you can get heard more—even if you talk less.

I’d like to share media highlights to help you take a fresh look at your career, promote yourself authentically without bragging, get a new job, build your business, and give a talk with more confidence.

Selected articles I’ve written:

“Success Isn’t Only for the Extroverts*” The New York Times
“Get Heard More. Even If You Talk Less” ChangeThis manifesto
“In Praise of ‘Introvets’” Exceptional Veterinary Team magazine

Highlights from my Psychology Today blog:

“How Do You Talk About Yourself?”
“Branding Yourself: Your Billboard”

“Non-Responders: Why Your Key Prospects Don’t Say Boo”

“How Introvert Leaders and Proactive Followers Make Hay”

“Public Speaking for Introverts: Jonesing for the Zone”

“How to Land a Job by Surrounding It”

“Introverts: Manage Your Perfectionism and Reduce Your Agita!” “Conquering the Introvert-Extrovert Communication Gap, Part 1”
“Introvert- and Extrovert- Friendly Workspaces”
“Is Obama an Introvert?”
“Secrets to a Successful Introvert-Extrovert Team
“Are Introverts Nuts?”
“A Giant Step Backward for Introverts” [Co-wrote this with Laurie Helgoe, Ph.D.]

Highlights from my media interviews:

“Why Introverts Can Be Great Leaders”
“Getting the Job: How Introverts Can Compete in an Extroverted World” ABC News
“Revenge of the Introvert” Psychology Today magazine
“Self-Promote (The Introverts’ Edition)” Psychology Today magazine
“Shy? Stand Out Anyway” Investor’s Business Daily
“Introverts as Entrepreneurs” Inc. blog
“Self-Promotion for Introverts: Use Known Strengths to Sell Your Business” BusinessWeek podcast
“How to Self-Promote Without Being Obnoxious” MSN Careers with
“Self-Promotion: Learning the Right Way to Brag” CIO magazine
“Get on Your Boss’s Radar” Yahoo! HotJobs
You can find plenty more on my Web site’s
press page.

Translations of Self-Promotion for Introverts®:
French (Les Éditions Transcontinental): Se vendre quand on est introverti
Italian (Libreria Rizzoli): Autopromozione per Introversi

*Also spelled “extravert” by Carl Jung and the communities of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and other personality assessments such as the Five Factor Model.

Copyright © 2011 Nancy Ancowitz

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