1 thought on “Are Introverts Nuts?”

  1. I’m an introvert and I like who I am, however let’s face it! Some of the proposed APA definition absolutely describe my character, but it fails to explain how we express our feelings and where we get our hedonic capacity. For example, I usually tell my lovely extrovert wife that the fact that I’m living in the same house with her and our 3 beautiful childern is an evidence of my love to my family and my happiness.

    Recently I understood that this fact is NOT enough for an extrovert; I’ve to consistently say and declare that I love her and our family and that I’m actually happy to prove the truth. And this is where we as introverts don’t get it right. If we want the approval and acceptace of the ‘extroversion’ world around us, then out of reciprocity we need to approve and accept the extroverts’ need to express our feelings toward them in ‘words’ and not just actions.

    So it’s a two-way deal; as much we need extroverts to give us little space for solitude we need to give them back little ‘extroversion’ interaction and expression. Both types need to understand deeply the other and come to a middle-point in their behaviors and expectations to live happily with each other.

    In terms of work life, introverts have more pressure than extroverts to be visible in order to be successful and your book “Self-Promotion for Introverts” is a prove for this shortage of our type.

    Thank you Nancy for all your efforts and I wish you all the best!

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