“Recently I received some terrific news about a project that is important to me,” says blogger Lisa Rivero. She continues, “I allowed myself to feel good—for all of five minutes. Then the negative self-talk began.”

Rivero addresses what we can do about our negative self-talk in, “Big Picture Wednesday: Changing How We Talk to Ourselves.” She quotes Psychology Today blogger Margaret Moore in “7 Ways to Leave Negative Self-Talk Behind” and a blog post I wrote geared for introverts on the topic. While introverts don’t have an exclusive on negative self-talk, research on the brain has found that introverts experience more internal chatter than extroverts.

Rivero also points to “The Not Good Enoughs,” a fun quip about a large family that lives in the brain of blogger Patricia Caspers. “I’m guessing they’re camped in the back right curve of my skull where it always feels like I’ve slept on my ponytail,” says Caspers. She adds, “There’s Not Good Enough Mother, Not Good Enough Writer, Not Good Enough Wife, Not Good Enough Daughter.”

Seems like a tribute to the line that political activist turned U.S. senator Al Franken immortalized on Saturday Night Live way back when: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” And another that makes me smile: “Compare and despair.”

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  1. Patricia Caspers

    So surprised to find myself here! Thanks for the link. I look forward to checking out your book.

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