A Chat About Mon Livre with La Presse

La Presse in Montreal just interviewed me about the French translation of mon livre, Self-Promotion for Introverts®, called Se vendre quand on est introverti. I admit that I love being called l’auteure. And how could I not enjoy an interview with anyone named Martine Letarte? Check out her article. Just for fun, I Googled the article and clicked on the “translate this page” tool to see the English version of the French article about my book in English translated into French. Take a look if you’re curieux.

Two Introverts at a Bus Stop?

Microphone On-AirTune in to my lively chat with Dr. Errol Gluck about the ins and outs of thriving as an introvert. Gluck, a hypnotist and life coach for over 35 years, interviews me for his podcast about famous introverts, public speaking tips for introverts, and the importance of choosing what you dial in to between your ears: U-SUCK or U-ROCK radio. We also have fun with Gluck’s question: If there are two introverts at a bus stop, who speaks first?

Thanks to You… Self-Promotion for Even More Introverts

McGraw-Hill is reprinting Self-Promotion for Introverts®. A word of gratitude. This wouldn’t have happened without you. Big thanks to friends and fans from around the world for buying the book and spreading the message about how you can get heard more—even if you talk less.

I’d like to share media highlights to help you take a fresh look at your career, promote yourself authentically without bragging, get a new job, build your business, and give a talk with more confidence.

Self-Promotion for Introverts® — Media Roundup

I hope the following articles give you ideas and encouragement to help you advance in your career—in a way that’s authentic to you.

“Personal Branding Interview”
Personal Branding Blog
Popular blogger and personal branding expert Dan Schawbel interviews me about introverts’ advantages and disadvantages in the job search arena. I also pass along some advice for introverts that Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett shared with me.