Self-Promotion for Introverts® on the Air

I’ve been yakking up a storm on the radio lately, answering questions like: How can an introvert promote herself without bragging? If working a room isn’t your forte, is there something wrong with you? How did you get to speak with Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett and what advice did they give for introverts?

What’s a radio interview like for an introvert? Fun and terrifying—not necessarily in that order! But, oh, so rewarding. As with any public speaking situation, radio is efficient because it enables us to reach many more people than we could by speaking with them one at a time. So it’s an effective way to spread our message. After all that verbal output, we can plan to catch our breath and take a snooze between gigs! And with a little preparation and practice, it can be much less scary than spiders, snakes, heights, riding the Cyclone, or entering a noisy cocktail party with nothing to say.

A Few Surprises about Thriving as an Introvert

Ric Bratton, the host of This Week in America, introduced me playfully during a recent interview on his radio show: “Nancy is a business communication coach, a public speaker, and based in New York City. All three of those,” he added, “I think would present some issues for an introvert.” Listen to how I actually thrive at all three, and see what insights you glean about yourself as an introvert.

Musings of an Introvert Publisher, Part 2

In the first part of this three-part interview, you met Gary Krebs, an introvert who sells for a living. Dealmaker by day and homebody on weekends, Krebs climbed the ladder from an entry-level editorial job to vice president and group publisher at McGraw-Hill Professional. Along the way, he moonlighted as the author of a book about rock stars. Now his form of rock and roll is making deals with authors and agents, mentoring his editors, and moving books from concept to cash register. He uses words, mostly spoken, to inspire, persuade, and sell. How does he do that as an introvert? Read on.

Translating Complexity into Simplicity

If you’re an IT professional who would like to translate your technical knowledge into plain English more adeptly and present yourself in the best light, see “Talking Tech: How to Improve Your Communication Skills” by Janet Pinkerton for the IT trade organization CompTIA‘s IT Careers Blog. “Ways to improve your communication abilities can include initiating casual conversations and practicing paying attention and listening to others. Building relationships with others helps you to figure out how to deliver your information so they will hear it properly and feel comfortable enough to respond,” according to Pinkerton.

Uncovering the Hidden Job Market—Free Video

What is the hidden job market and how can you tap into it? Are you sending out a hundred résumés a week and rarely even getting an acknowledgment from an employer—let alone an invitation for an interview? In a recent panel discussion I moderated at New York University we tackled these questions.

Secrets to Quiet Leadership

In her recent Washington Post article, “Career Coach: Tips for Introverts Who Aspire to Leadership Positions,” Joyce E. A. Russell, Ph.D., dispels misconceptions about introverts and offers concrete guidance to help you get ahead. She draws from her own experience as an industrial and organizational psychologist who coaches executives as well as from my book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®. She also quotes Jennifer Kahnweiler, Ph.D., author of The Introverted Leader, on reasons introverts make great leaders. Happy leading (fanfare and drum rolls optional)!

Interview with an Irreverent Introvert

Meet Larry Underwood*, the founding father of Enterprise Rent-a-Car in the Desert Southwest. We’re chatting about his 26-year experience as an irreverent senior corporate manager who some people might be surprised to learn is an introvert.

He doesn’t like meetings. But he likes to make people laugh. He inspires his staff, takes care of his customers, and knows how make an operation wildly profitable. And he doesn’t always go with the flow.
Underwood’s most recent achievement is his book, Life Under the Corporate Microscope, which offers a glimpse behind the curtain from his days at Enterprise.

Here’s how I connected with Underwood. I recently launched my first book, Self-Promotion for Introverts®. A few weeks before my book was even available at bookstores, I found my first customer review on Amazon, which Underwood wrote.