How to Earn What You Deserve

Do you earn less than you deserve? “Underearners Anonymous applies 12 steps for those addicted to paltry paychecks, preaching action and acceptance of a higher power,” according to Ron Dicker in his WalletPop column for AOL. In his article, “Overcoming Underearning: A Self-Help Guide,” Dicker interviews me about what to do if you make less than you’re worth.

Brand Yourself: Your Billboard

Imagine driving along the NJ-495 roadway, which dramatically scoops around and dips down the cliffs of Weehawken, New Jersey, into a huge industrial no-man’s land before you enter the Lincoln Tunnel to the legendary city of Broadway, big business, and billionaire dreams. As you navigate your way through this sea of gray, peppered with smokestacks and billboards, your eyes jump from ads for SmartWater to iPhones to one about you.

The Secret to Getting the Job, the Raise, the Promotion, the Deal

Heads up, introverts! What does it take to get the job, the raise, the promotion, or the deal you’re after? Do you have to be a loudmouth or a blowhard? Hardly. If often boils down to how well you target the interests of one or just a few key stakeholders—a hiring manager, your boss, a client, or sometimes “the committee.” Let’s do that now.

How to Get a Promotion

The Fiscal Times logo“While skills, experience and results delivered are obviously factors in career advancement, one’s likeability is also a key component of workplace success,” according to Daniel Bortz in his article, “6 Character Traits That Can Nail a Promotion” in The Fiscal Times (in which I’m quoted). The ingredients that are stretch assignments for introverts are to get and stay connected with people who can influence your advancement and to get your name associated with your accomplishments—orally as well as in writing. For many, that takes forming new habits. What can you do to flex your visibility muscle (of course, while remaining authentic and not bragging) today?

Introverts and Unemployment – Notes from the Trenches, Part 1

With unemployment figures still lagging the much debated signs of economic recovery, six people are currently vying for each job opening, and employers’ hiring intentions are down to a 27-year low. Regardless, people are still finding jobs. However, the search process often takes more time and persistence than in any period in recent memory.

How Do You Know When People are Saying You’re a Braggart? (Part 1)

How do you distinguish between a brash boast and a legitimate claim to your hard won wins? I just posed a question on LinkedIn, asking the social networking site’s community at large for examples of shameless, over-the-top bragging.

“My favorite,” replies Czarina Walker, the CEO of InfiniEdge Software in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, “are those people who claim they invented the internet because they made two computers talk, ‘back when you were just a kid.’” (Walker is 33.)

Can an Introvert Sell Well? Real-Life Stories

I go into a cell phone store and approach a salesman. Actually, I jump up and down until one we’ll call Cell Phone Sam pays attention to me. Once he starts talking, I hear a combination of a late-night TV hair-replacement commercial, an auction at Sotheby’s, and Charlie Brown’s teacher, all in a blaring chorus of rebates and Anytime Minutes.

I butt in to ask Cell Phone Sam to explain my options for a service upgrade for my cell phone. I try taking notes, but I can’t keep up. I try asking questions, but his responses come in unlimited data speak—all as he helps three other customers.